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Timeline to reschedule AU exams. One student asked about the latest date for rescheduling a Proctor U exam. Another student replied that it can be taken anytime before the scheduled date, with a five-day buffer afterward. A third student suggested scheduling exams for the last date of the course for more flexibility. However, a fourth student clarified that rescheduling can be done within five days before or after the scheduled exam date.


Transferring AU courses to another university. A student asks about transferring AU courses to another university. One student says permission may be needed. Another received transfer credits for their AU electives (17 credits). Another suggests using a transfer guide to choose AU classes.


Become a master researcher. @aulibarchives posts, “Looking to up your research game this semester? Register for our Developing your research series! Links in poster.”

Student competitions for AU undergrad Faculty of Business students. @athabascaUBiz writes, “Would you like to gain real world business experience while earning credits and cash? Check out our current student competitions:”