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AU telephone quizzes? A student asks what the AU telephone quizzes are like. One student with phone anxiety requested and received a format change to an open-book written exam. Another student also experienced anxiety and blanked out during the phone exam.  Another student has severe anxiety and was advised to email the tutor for a change of test format. Other students who didn’t experience anxiety had favorable impressions of the phone exam, indicating tutors are encouraging, may provide study tips, and may engage in meaningful conversation. Some students also prepared the answers in advance, so the responses were read from their notes.


Academic AI? A student is eager to see GPTs (AI) introduced into courses as a means for course orientations or additional context. The student believes that AI can help them determine whether the course is a fit before enrollment. Another student states that the idea is not a good one but doesn’t explain why.


Open resources and photo sharing. @aulibarchives posts, “Learn about Creative Commons and Open Resources and what to look for when sharing photos in your projects: #CreativeCommons #OpenUniversity.”

Risks associated with AI in graduate studies. @athabascaUBiz retweeted, “Are you interested in the role, potential, and risks of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in graduate education at #AthabascaU? Register for the 2024 Open Forum to learn more!”