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Fiction Feature – Mysterious Pursuer

Ellen stood anxiously at the bus stop, her eyes darting nervously back and forth. She searched the streets for the shiny black car with the tinted windows. Not wanting to draw attention to herself, she attempted to move with ease. Panic shook her body, as she stepped nearer to the curb and gazed down the… Read more »

The Absurdity of Camping

As the camping season draws to a close for another year, I feel somewhat saddened. I will miss those days spent getting in touch with nature. I will definitely miss those hot humid days with no air conditioning, watching the bugs swarming around my food and ultimately dropping into my cool glass of wine. I… Read more »

The Voice Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

Brief Encounter Cradled in my arms You struggle to be close. Joy fills my being As I look at your face. My heart swells with pride As you take your first step. I hold back the tears As you rush off to school. I feel overwhelmed As you accept your award. I squeeze to hang… Read more »

A Day to Study?

Sunday is my day to do my course. I know it seems like an odd day, as Sunday used to be thought of as a day of rest. Well with Sunday shopping, Sunday has become just like Monday or Tuesday. However, I do allow myself the luxury of sleeping in until 8:30 or 9:00. Then… Read more »

Nifty Fifty … Maybe

As I reluctantly approached my fiftieth birthday I wondered if turning fifty would really be as traumatic as I had heard. Fifty certainly did not feel or look like it did when I was thirty and looking ahead. However, the gray hair was real, as was the soft jaw line, among other things. Furthermore, I… Read more »