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AU’s Annual Report 2012

What does it say about AU? AU recently released its annual report for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012. I always dig into this report as soon as It’s available, because in my job It’s important for me to know as much as I can about our students and the University. Each year the… Read more »

Distance Education Goes Mainstream

The genesis of Athabasca University isn’t well known to students. For one thing, AU is not named after the town; That’s largely coincidental. AU originated in Edmonton and was named for the University of Alberta’s Athabasca Hall. The word Athabasca is Cree and, when spelled with a K instead of a C, is broadly used… Read more »

Editorial – Post-Secondary Blues

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the media’s pecking party against AU is probably making you question your choice of alma mater right now. There seems to be no end to the negative press about our university. Yet most students should be familiar enough with the machinations of the press to know that it… Read more »

Study Space – Copy Wrong

Copyright and students: the conversation usually revolves around concerns of plagiarism. But there is much, much more at stake. For example, are you aware of how copyright fees affect your learning materials? One common misperception is that electronic materials can be easily distributed for free because they are easy to reproduce. However, students may not… Read more »

Hello, Goodbye

This week, AU is holding its first?and possibly only?summer recess. While the break is just one week long, it is something we are not used to: a tangible shift between school years that brings a sense of renewal as we look forward to the influx of fall students. (we’ll overlook, for the moment, the financial… Read more »

Government Announces Funding for AU Expansion

AU to receive $30 million for building/research centre In an afternoon press conference this Friday, Alberta Minister of Advanced Education and Technology, Doug Horner, announced a $30 million grant for AU to address part of its request for technology and infrastructure funding. This grant, the biggest one-time allotment to AU, was called the ?second biggest… Read more »

Editorial – K. Vonnegut, RIP

Mutiny. The mid-nineties, killing time in the faded cafeteria of Calgary’s Viscount Bennett Centre for another excruciatingly dull 90-minute time-wasting lunch break. Usually, between classes, we go our separate ways but today we share a table and huddle in conspiracy. “If we all ask her to change the book, she’ll have to,” is the consensus…. Read more »