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It’s Time to Get Dirty – the Garden!

Eating both healthy and inexpensive is always a conundrum for students. Sure, instant ramen is cheap on the wallet but you’ll pay for it later in other forms (such as nutritional deficiencies). As we approach summer, our attention to locally grown fare increases as farmer’s markets begin to crop up. The local farmer’s market is… Read more »

Living with Lupus as a Student – Part II

I left off last week’s article with a question on how do we limit stress, particularly for those affected with autoimmune disorders (in my case, lupus). First, you must recognize your signs of stress. Everyone?with or without an illness?manifests stress differently. For myself, stress affects me both psychologically and physiologically. Knowing what your indicators are… Read more »

Living with Lupus as a Student

I’m a registered disability student. Just over a year ago, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (better known as lupus). An autoimmune disease, one of the effects that has been most difficult for me to manage, as a student, is my mental stamina. I do not have the ability to sit and study for… Read more »

The Pineapple Principle

Does pineapple belong on pizza? Iceland’s president, Gudni Thorlacious Johnneson hates the topping so much he wishes it outlawed. Thanks to the Internet, and all of our social media feeds, the comment went viral, tweets abounded, and memes were made. Obviously intended as a joke, news outlets quickly grabbed the catchy headline and the Internet… Read more »


I registered for my first Athabasca course back in 2008 and, after 9 years, I am nearly finished, anticipating a completion date this summer (2017). Distance education is not easy. It requires dedication and commitment at a greater level than the standard on-campus post-secondary experience. I assume most students are quite like myself: juggling multiple… Read more »