Vol. 30 Iss. 33

Volume 30, Issue 33 - 08/27/2022

Minds We Meet—Alfred Blondin

The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with Alfred Blondin (he/him), a human resources professional who was living in Iqaluit and working for the Government of Nunavut while pursuing his Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations (BHRLR) degree at Athabasca University.  (He will receive his degree in September 2022.  Congratulations Alfred!) Alfred… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Yes, but What Do You Mean?

The meaning of life is a topic salubrious to spicy conversations at a shady beach, the sort of anyone-may-apply-for genius-status topic that renders we would-be AU academics illiterate or pedantic or both.  Why ask about life’s meaning, a stern scientist might answer, when such a question is naturally relative to one’s personal opinion and worldview?… Read more »

Beyond Literary Landscapse

From my early beginnings as a young introvert, the public library has always been a bit of a refuge.  Years later, not much has changed, albeit with an additional affinity for endless hours spent scouring second-hand bookstores to add to my ever-growing “to-read” pile. From one bookworm to another, this column will be underscoring and… Read more »

The Study Dude—How to Write an Essay Exam

To excel at a college or university you must work hard and follow systems.  For example, let’s examine a technique I adopted for writing essay exams.  Interestingly, I later discovered that a very similar system was adopted by other top students who authored study tip books.  It’s testimony that maximum academic performance is like a… Read more »

Music Review—Waiting For Your Colours

Artist: Chief State Album: Waiting For Your Colours Vancouver pop punks, Chief State, have released their debut full-length album, Waiting For Your Colours.  The album is available for streaming anywhere you get your music. Chief State was formed after frontman Fraser Simpson headed to Craigslist to find bandmates.  There he connected with members Nik Pang,… Read more »

Dear Barb—Dating Due Diligence

Dear Barb: I am a woman in my thirties and I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever find a partner.  I have never found anyone I would truly consider spending my life with, but I don’t want to give up.  I have been wondering if I want to try online dating.  I haven’tt visited… Read more »


Did you know the Voice Magazine has classified ads?  Probably not, because we never get any.  But it’s free for students who want to connect with other students for, well, whatever reason. Fun fact, I was one of the people who suggested the Voice begin a classified advertising section way back in the day.  At… Read more »

We Are Born for Non-Stop Happiness

I believe we are meant to feel nothing but joy.  And I believe it’s humanly possible.  I think it’s possible to take every negative thought and turn it around.  In other words, switch the negative to the positive opposite.  And if any idea makes us feel bad, it’s negative and needs replacing. Below are some… Read more »

My True Love In My Soul

A couple months ago I wrote to my family and friends saying that, using my paternal grandmothers wedding ring, I was making a commitment to give my heart to my God.  Saying that if I was going to have a romantic relationship I was going to wait until seminary school.  A couple weeks following this,… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Online lecture: The use of bamboo as a resource of value for architecture in Ecuador Wed, Aug 31, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm MDT Online Hosted by Global Studio and AU’s RAIC Centre for Architecture news.athabascau.ca/events/online-lecture-the-use-of-bamboo-as-a-resource-of-value-for-architecture-in-ecuador/ Register through above link Looking ahead… Rural Resiliency:  Housing Development in Rural Communities Wed, Sep 7, 10:00 to 11:30… Read more »

Student Sizzle—AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group Locked doors.  A lab student shares the frustration of trying to get into Fortress AU for scheduled in-person labs.  Day two “should” be easier. Discord Racing against time.  Having not started two courses until 9 days before the course completion dates, a student wonders if it’s possible to get it all done,… Read more »

AUSU Update

Let us know how tuition & fee increases have impacted your university experience at AU. How:           AUSU Town Hall meetings What:                   Tuition & Fees discussion Why:                   preventing future increases When:         September 12, 2022 @ 5 pm MT November 7, 2022 @ 5 pm MT Where:       virtually on Zoom Did you know that AU students have… Read more »

About Working From Home

Working from home has been transformative for me and my family.  I understand it is not for everyone, and make no mistake I loved getting morning coffee with my colleagues as much as the next person.  But I love being able to take care of family members when they fall ill, I love the ability… Read more »

Four Tips for Preparing for Back to School

Before we know it, summer’s days have already started to dwindle.  Students from all over the world are getting ready for back-to-school season in a week.  Sometimes it’s tough to be “excited” about going back to school.  The loss of freedom, the return to a chaotic daily routine and learning in a fast-paced environment can… Read more »