Vol. 29 Iss. 40

Volume 29, Issue 40 - 10/09/2021

Music Review—Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1

Artist: Al Staehely Album: Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1 Texas musician, Al Staehely, is releasing his new album Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1 on October 7th, 2021.  While Staehely has played in many bands over the course of his career, this album is based on solo-recordings from his days in Los Angeles in the 1970’s. … Read more »

Fly on the Wall—AU and the Loop of Living

We watched in awe as the orb spider leapt into action.  With a start, a wasp tried to escape the web but almost instantly it found itself accosted by the spider.  Deftly holding its prey in place, the orb—bulbous with a growing egg sac in its abdomen, injected venom.  Presently, the wasp’s edginess ebbed away,… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Pumpkin Pie Filling

Thanksgiving is upon us, and all the retailers have been shoving pumpkin spice everything down our throats Pumpkin season is here! Even though some were doing it as far back as June.  So is pre-Christmas, but that’s another article!  I have to come clean, I don’t like pumpkin pie, or, at least, I would choose… Read more »

The Study Dude—Memorization Should Be Playtime

Over the last two weeks, I showed you how to read a textbook and take notes, but this week we’re going to have fun. Yes, memorization is meant to be playtime, especially if you let your humor and imagination go wild. Of course, some memorization strategies are more enjoyable than others, but here is a… Read more »

Editorial—Hail to the Chief

The Voice Magazine welcomes our new overlords! Or to be more specific, a welcome to our new president, Dr. Peter Scott.  Hailing from Australia, where he worked as the “Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) at the University of Technology Sydney”.  His education was from the University of Sheffield in the UK in cognitive science and psychology. and… Read more »

Stay Solid Under Pressure

Imagine you work for a small company you love.  It has integrity and hosts positive colleagues.  But then someone in the company gets let go.  All the revenue from clients has dried up due to COVID.  The company is on verge of collapse.  All hope is on you to sell the latest product.  And you… Read more »

I Tried a Keto Diet for One Month

I started Keto about a month ago and it has been a life-changing experience.  It started with a single day at the gym where I ran for about 15 minutes.  I was completely out of breath, unfit and nauseated.  I felt that my stamina was waning as I watched the treadmill total the calories I… Read more »

AUSU Update

This update is provided to The Voice by AUSU. Contact services@ausu.org with questions. From October 25-29, AUSU celebrates October Pride Week! Why Pride in October? Well, we enjoyed such a successful Pride Week in June, we decided to do it again! We have some fantastic events lined up, including a keynote address on October 25 by author Joshua… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  UCT Scholarship Program Sponsored by:  United Commercial Travelers Deadline:  Nov 15, 2021 Potential payout:  up to $2500 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be students or teachers seeking university or college degrees or certification to work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  See Program Guidelines for full eligibility requirements. What’s required:  A completed application… Read more »

Student Sizzle—AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group How to deal with post-nominals.  A degree holder wonders how to express their degree after their name, when the degree’s acronym has a hyphenated extension, like BPA-HS.  The consensus is to stick with just the main degree acronym (BPA.) reddit Served with a call to serve.  A student worries that the jury-duty… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Ada Lovelace Day:  A Celebration of Women and Innovation at AU Tue, Oct 12, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm MDT Online Hosted by AU Faculty of Science and Technology news.athabascau.ca/events/ada-lovelace-day-a-celebration-of-women-and-innovation-at-athabasca-university/ Register through above link Cultivating ease in academia with Dr Melissa Jay:  Practicing presence in times of stress Wed, Oct 13, 3:00 to 4:00 pm… Read more »

Vintage Voice

One of the best aspects of early autumn is the anticipation of Thanksgiving:  a long weekend with good prospects for a fabulous meal.  The Voice‘s writers past examined the holiday from several different perspectives. But maybe I want to spend the day with my textbooks.  Wayne Benedict is surprised to find his university has no… Read more »