Primetime Update

Week of November 7, 2004



The new season will begin Tuesday, Nov. 16th, 2004.

THE APPRENTICE 2 Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2004

Last week Andy stepped up as project manager for Mosaic, and succeeded in the NYC Police ad campaign task, but Elizabeth failed terribly and was fired. This week…

THE TASK: Go out to the suburbs, choose one of two dilapidated houses. With $20,000, renovate the house, a team of highly qualified appraisers will inspect each house and the house with the biggest increase in property value will win. Twist: For this task, the first four people who were fired will return to teach the teams how to work with people they don’t like. Rob and Jennifer joined Mosaic and Bradford and Stacey joined Apex. Immediately the drama starts with both Stacey (who was deemed “crazy” by Ivana) and Jennifer (who feels Ivana should have went, not her). Ivana seems to be the center of the chaos.

MOSAIC: Sandy is selected as project manager, for the first time in the game. Rob works his little butt off, to show everyone that he is a hard worker. Sandy has big issues with the contractors, which makes her cry. Andy meets some guys on the street, who he hires to do the contracting, and then, they contractors take over the renovations. Everyone seems to be happy with the results.

APEX: Raj is selected as project manager. Immediately, Jen begins to confront Raj about his decisions to take out walls. Raj fights back with equal power. Later we see Raj and his team knocking down the wall, with their bodies. Later, Raj has even bigger problems with his contractor, who sits to have a sandwich, with a big smile on his face, half an hour before the bathroom has to be in. When Carolyn stops by the check in, the team is in complete chaos. Raj asked for a completely new bathroom upstairs, and the contractor simply fixed what was already there, and tracked paint all over the new carpet. When showing the home, Raj virtually hangs himself with comments made to the appraisers.

THE SCORES: Apex had an increase of 7.14%. Mosaic, however, increased their value by 10.26%, and was granted the privilege to see the home of Trump’s friend, Denise Rich, in the Hamptons, with a helicopter as the chauffer.

BOARDROOM: Ivana and Jen have it out about Ivana’s productivity prior to going into the board room, with Jen intending to back Raj in his belief that Ivana is the weakest link. Raj is criticized for his choice of contractor, and his choice to change a four bedroom home into a three. However, Bradford speaks up and says that Kevin chose the contractor. It is formally said that Stacey, formerly convicted of being crazy, did a wonderful job on this task. Ivana, however, openly criticizes Stacey. Raj holds Ivana and Kevin partially responsible for the team’s loss.

Before leaving the boardroom, however, Chris insists on opening his mouth about the lack of chemistry that the team has. He is openly criticized for this comment by both Trump and Carolyn. Raj, however, sticks to his choice to send Chris back up to the suite. Trump and Chris agree that Chris will be the project manager for the next task.

In round two, Raj and Kevin argue about Kevin’s choice of contractors. Ivana holds her ground that she is a hard worker, but Ivana turns around and tells Trump that Raj needs supervision. Trump criticizes Raj for making a bad decision on the contractor, knocking down the wall, and not bringing Chris into the boardroom after he made a stupid comment. After a very short boardroom session, Raj is fired, and goes out into the lobby to hit on Trump’s secretary.

Next week: Big mouth Chris is forced to take management of a bridal salon, there’s a car accident, and another wicked boardroom experience.

Andy (23) – Recent Harvard Graduate (nationally ranked debater)
Kelly (37) – Software Executive
Maria (31) – Marketing Executive
Sandy (28) – Bridal Salon Owner
Wes (28) – Private Wealth Manager

Apex Corp.
Chris (30) – Stockbroker
Ivana (28) – Venture Capitalist
Jennifer M (30) – Attorney
Kevin (29) – Law Student

You’re Fired!
Rob (32) – Corporate Branding Salesman (Crustacean Nation)
Bradford (33) – Attorney
Stacie J (35) – Restaurateur
Jennifer C (31) – Real Estate Agent
Pamela (32) – Investment Firm Partner
John (24) – Marketing Director
Stacy R (26) – Attorney
Elizabeth (31) – Consulting Firm Owner
Raj (28) – Real Estate Developer (guy in red pants)

SURVIVOR:VANUATU – Thursdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week Lopevi got sick of John’s lazy attitude and Rory made ultimate attempts to break into the woman’s alliance. Yassur won immunity, which included some pictures from home. Rory won the immunity challenge for Yassur, causing a huge backlash at Lopevi. At tribal council, the guys trusted Julie and Twila and the tribe voted out John.

This week, when Lopevi gets back from tribal council, Julie sits down between Lea’s (Sarge) legs. Later, we see her flirting with all the guys, and it ends up with Sarge and Julie, removing their pants, apparently just to suntan.

At Yassur, Rory complains about the women’s laziness, to the point of calling themselves useless. He admits that he can’t wait for the merger, which is an excellent source of foreshadowing for what is to come. When the teams gather for the first challenge, Scout opens her mouth about missing Twila, which the men take as a sign of Twila’s commitment to a “woman’s tribe.”

REWARD CHALLENGE: Tribe members must retrieve water in an assembly line procedure; however, the buckets of water must be thrown from one tribe member to another until the second last person must throw only the water, to be caught by the last person in a second bucket. The last person then must climb a tower and fill a third, larger bucket. When the bucket is full enough, it will drop, and a flame on the other end of a pulley system will rise and light the tower. The first team to light the tower wins a huge chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and a jug of milk. Yassur has no hope in hell of winning, as Lopevi takes an immediate and vast lead. Lopevi wins reward; the sugar later makes Sarge feel ill.

Prior to the immunity challenge, Jeff instructs everyone to drop their buffs and announces a merger. The new team decides to live on the former Lopevi beach.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Starting from the beach, castaways must swim out to a water tower, climb it, traverse a balance beam, grab a flag and swim with it back to shore. The first two (heats of 5) to retrieve three flags, move on to the final heat, in which the fastest will win individual immunity. Eliza and Sarge as well as Ami and Rory advance to the final heat, which is then dominated by Sarge, who is granted individual immunity.

The united tribe returns to camp and finds a feast of cheese and crackers, left over chocolate cakes, etc. They celebrate, name the tribe (Alinta: Fire maker), paint a new flag and mini alliances start to converse about what all has happened in the previous tribes.

Rory reveals information that Amy seems to be in control of the women’s alliance and the men plot to get rid of her. Rory, however, expresses his concern about Julie and Twila’s allegiance. Sarge expresses his premonition that the race might turn into a battle of the sexes.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Twila insists to her alliance (Lopevi) that they’d like to get rid of Rory before any of the women (Ami, specifically) because he is physically stronger than any of the women. The men, however, want to ditch Ami first.

Ami insists that Twila and Julie are still part of the women’s alliance. When the tribe leaves for tribal council, everything seems to be up in the air. In the end, however, four votes went to Ami, while Rory received six. All three remaining men sat with open jaws, as Rory’s torch was snuffed.

Next week: The girls get all cuddly and the castaways get a new pet, a pig.

Chad – 35 – Teacher (Artificial leg)
Chris – 33 – Highway Construction
Julie – 23 – Youth Mentor
Lea- 40 – Drill Sergeant
Twila – 41 – Highway Repair
Ami – 31 – Barista/Model
Eliza – 21 – Pre-Law Student
Leann – 35 – Research Assistant
Scout – 59 – Rancher/Entrepreneur (artificial knee)

Brook – 27 – Project Manager
Dolly – 25 – Sheep Farmer
John P – 31 – Sales Manager
Mia – 30 – Finance Manager
Brady – 33 – FBI Agent/Ex Military
Travis – 33 – Loss Prevention (Bubba)
Lisa – 44 – Real Estate Agent
John K – 22 – Model/Mechanical Bull Operator
Rory – 35 – Housing Case Manager

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