Click On This – Body Being

We do an incredible amount of things to our bodies, or at them, or with them, or put into them. Sometimes those things are humorous and harmless, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they are pragmatic and necessary; and sometimes they’re just cultural motivations based on religion or prowess or aesthetics. The body is our permanent home and best canvas.

Cultural Tattooing and Body Modifications

I’ve got only one word to say about some of the things on that page; and that word is OUCH! Not safe for children or the easily offended.

Do My Stuff

I’ve always thought that providing a service whereby you’d do the odd jobs that others either didn’t want to do, or couldn’t, would be a great little business. It seems that the web-oriented have beaten me to the click.


Items of all sorts specifically suited for the plus-sized individual.

Foreign Fingers

Offensive gestures to suit your travel destinations. Not safe for children or the easily offended.

The Human Marvels

Dedicated to that special group of people we once labelled as freaks.

Faces in Places

Nothing at all to do with the human body, unless you count finding it in places it isn’t.

Street Anatomy

This site houses Vanessa Ruiz’s portfolio of medical illustrative designs, which includes the most incredible collection of anatomy-related tattoo photographs.

Seven Amazing Holes

Okay, so this has nothing at all to do with the human body really, unless you count human bodies having made the holes. I added this link simply because it’s damned amazing.