Click of the Wrist – Be Quiet!

Spring break is over, and maybe You’re craving the peace and quiet of whatever serene locale you were fortunate enough to visit. Alternatively, maybe you welcomed the chaos of everyday life, which paled in comparison with your loud and busy sightseeing trip or the hectic craziness of the kids being home from school. Take a quiet break and check out these links on silence:

Quietest Place

An anechoic chamber?one in which sound is fully absorbed?is an intriguing and potentially dangerous place. This article includes a fascinating discussion of the anechoic chamber experience, the physics and emotional weight of sound, and how these rooms can affect health care.


We live in a noisy culture. Even when we’re alone we surround ourselves with clamour?whether through our technology or just the constant companionship of music, we’ve trained ourselves to require noise to function well. This intriguing piece by a young journalist talks about the effect of the culture of noise on our own sense of self-awareness.


If you enjoy YouTube but are bothered by the clutter of distractions on the page (comments, suggested viewing, and the like), check out this easy-to-install browser button. Quietube allows you to streamline the use of YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler. You can even use it to create URLs of the more minimalist viewing experience to share with friends.

?If I were a physician, and if I were allowed to prescribe just one remedy for all the ills of the modern world, I would prescribe silence. For even if the word of God were proclaimed in the modern world, how could one hear it with so much noise? Therefore, create silence.?


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