Homemade is Better—Creamy Coleslaw

Coleslaw is always better the next day, but, in our house, we rarely make coleslaw days ahead.  So this is a bit of a cheater recipe.  We adapted this recipe from a few other recipes we’ve seen, and my wife and I make it slightly different from each other.  For example, she likes to add celery seed to hers, I usually don’t.  Regardless, this is a staple in our house when we have pulled pork, burgers, hotdogs, fried chicken, or just because its Tuesday!

We usually buy the pre-cut coleslaw mix from our local store because its already done for you and it’s a small amount vs buying a two whole cabbages, carrots, and whatever else you want in your coleslaw.  At my local store I can usually buy a 400g mix for $2.00 a bag, some places it might $3.  It contains shredded green cabbage, shredded red cabbage, and shredded carrots, in case you want to make it yourself.

Creamy Coleslaw


1/3 cup mayo
1/3 sour cream
¼ apple cider vinegar
1 tsp celery seed
Kosher Salt
¼ tsp Black Pepper
1 400g coleslaw mix

  • Mix together the first 4 ingredients, plus the black pepper. Add a large pinch of kosher salt and taste.
  • Adjust salt and pepper if needed.
  • Put coleslaw mix into a large bowl, add in the dressing and mix.
  • Cover and leave for 3-4 hours or over night, OR you can eat this immediately.
  • Wasn’t that easy!
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