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Jennifer wonders what happens if the internet cuts out during an online exam; suggestions include using a USB stick modem to prevent a signal drop.  Danielle needs tips for studying while parenting; lots of feedback from been-there-done-that parents.

Other posts include AU’s service standards, taking five courses at once, asking for a course extension but getting a withdrawal, and completing a course in eleven days (not recommended!)


New posts include questions about missed exams, and booking exams after the contract end date.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU has DOUBLED the number of awards and bursaries we are giving out in our Fall awards cycle! That means TWICE as many #AthabascaU students will be recipients. Over $45,000 available. APPLY NOW!”

@aulibarchives tweets:  “In celebration of Open Access Week check out our LibGuide on Open Access Resources! #OAWeek2020 #OpenUniversity.”