Visualization for Success

Visualization exercises are meant to transform you from great to magnificent.  You are meant to grow more spectacular daily.  Visualization exercises can take you to your golden triumphs.

Here is a step-by-step formula for visualizing your way to success:

Get into a hyper-relaxed state.  This is the first step to visualization for success: relaxation.  Put on some soothing nature sounds.  Add some aromatherapy, if you have it, such as lavender essential oil.  Turn down the lights; even burn a candle.  Then, do deep breathing: in-breath for four seconds, hold for four seconds, out-breath for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and repeat.  While deep breathing, focus on your body.  Notice areas of tension and release them.  Flex the tight spots to relieve stress.  Once you feel incredibly comfortable, begin the visualization process.

Visualize your triumph.  Once you’ve relaxed, then see yourself in the future.  Pick a goal—any goal—and imagine yourself having achieved it.  Visualize as many details as possible about the final victory.  For instance, if your goal is to create something, imagine your creation in full scope: the look, the colors, the feel, the taste—everything.  Imagine the great pride you’d feel and the accolades you’d receive.  Imagine how others would benefit from your creation.  Feel every aspect of your victory.

Visualize all the steps to get to the victory.  After you’ve relaxed and discovered your triumphant moment, visualize each step in as much detail as possible.  It’s essential to go step by step.  But don’t worry if you don’t know what the steps involve.  Just imagine them to the best of your ability, based on prior knowledge or pure guesswork.  You can always fill in the blanks when returning to the visualization later.

See yourself as if your actions are in a movie.  When visualizing yourself, imagine you are starring in a high-definition film, rich with sounds, colors, excitement, action—you name it.  The more compelling you can make your movie, the more inclined you’ll be to watch it—and realize the benefits.

See yourself as changed at the end of it.  The end goal of your visualization should transform you into a better person.  You may end up richer, wiser, more accomplished, more successful, more balanced, or more spectacular in some other way.  You should end up better off than you started–both in your visualization and real life.

Remember, pick one goal: cleaning, work, studies, relationships–whatever you most desire.  Pick any inspiring objective.  It’s okay if it’s not the most ideal–any goal will do.  You can always pick a new one at any time.  It’s like flipping through the shows on Netflix.  But it’s best to watch an entire show to reap the full benefits.

Do these visualizations every night.  They are powerful, like prayer, because they can bring your dreams to fruition.

So, visualize your starring role today—and enjoy the outcome!

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