Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

The recent loss of the Titan submersible got us diving into our archives.  We went down the rabbit hole and came up with this pair of sort-of submarine-related articles.

He’s a real nowhere man.  Lonita Fraser takes a deep dive into the groundbreaking movie Yellow Submarine.  “Yellow Submarine became a vehicle not only for the Beatles’ music (the Beatles themselves had little to do with the movie outside of the music contribution, not even voicing the characters), but also bridged the gap between the different worlds of music, art, and film.”  Yellow Submarine – A Revolution in film, art, and animation, January 21, 2004.

But first, the music.  Lonita Fraser again, with the Beatles again.  “They retired to their Abbey Road studios and produced Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album that was so densely produced that it couldn’t be performed live with the technology of the time. ”  When You’ve Seen Beyond Yourself, January 14, 2003.

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