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If all goes according to my plan (but really, why should it?) by June of the year of our Lord, 2007, I will have completed my master’s degree in literature. This will be the fulfillment of a promise made to myself many years ago (whilst drunk on Peach Schnapps in an abandoned church on the… Read more »

The Voice Fiction Feature – Poems by

panels howling of doves singing of wolves crippling of senses thunder of hooves pounding the nails dropping the bombs pouring the wine singing the songs mapping the genes spreading the plagues passing of needles joyless parades bodies in basements dropping of hints government statements dream of the sphinx turning the channel turning the screw watching… Read more »

The Voice Fiction Feature – Poems

lemonade in these dark and troubled times I find myself anaesthetized by the sweet sting of memories that swarm and hum like honey bees sheet lightning and lemonade faces painted like b-movie braves frozen ponds and midnight drives haunted woods and endless skies fireflies in the dead of summer running home before the thunder looking… Read more »

How to Conduct a Successful Salon

Conversation is the essence of culture and civilization. Throughout the ages man has exchanged legends around paleolithic campfires and rumours across the backyard fence. We have made idle chit chat over cucumber sandwiches at the vicar’s garden party and debated the fate of nations in solemn parliamentary proceedings. We have whispered in church, bantered on… Read more »