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Council Connection – September 12, 2017 AUSU Council Meeting

All councillors except for Amanda Lipinski, who passed along her regrets, were in attendance at the September 12th AUSU council meeting. The meeting started with the first reading of AUSU’s new bylaws. The bylaw draft, which council has been working on for the past year, includes several significant changes: • Increasing the number of councillors… Read more »

Council Connection – August 8, 2017 Meeting

All councillors attended the August 8th AUSU council meeting, as well as two AUSU staff members and two student observers, including myself. The meeting was a lengthy one, at just over 2 hours long. The first item of business was to approve a member-at-large for AUSU’s Member Engagement and Communications (MEC) Committee. It was noted… Read more »

Council Connection – May 9, 2017 Meeting

The May 9th AUSU council meeting started at 5:30 pm MST, and lasted for exactly two hours. All councillors were in attendance, except for VP External and Student Affairs Julian Teterenko, who was late due to other AUSU business. After a quick approval of the meeting agenda and the April 11th meeting minutes, council moved… Read more »

Council Connection – April 11, 2017 Council Meeting

After the lengthy and eventful AUSU council meetings of the past few months, the April 11 meeting was a change of pace: short and sweet. The meeting started at 5:30 sharp, and all councillors were present. Outgoing VP Finance and Administration Kim Newsome kicked off the meeting by providing an update on the progress of… Read more »

Minds We Meet – Interviewing the New AUSU Executive!

I recently spoke with AUSU’s new (as of April 12) Vice President Finance and Administration, Scott Jacobsen, about some specific motivations and ambitions for his first term as an AUSU Executive. Scott is completing the third year of a general studies program at AU, and he has been an active member of AUSU council since… Read more »

Council Connection – March 14, 2017 Meeting

The March 14 AUSU council meeting kicked off at 5:30 pm sharp. All of council was in attendance, except for Julian Teterenko who was away on AUSU business at the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations? (CASA) annual general meeting in Nova Scotia. The meeting agenda and prior meetings? minutes were approved without delay. One of… Read more »

Council Connection

The first Council meeting of 2017 began with the announcement that Councillor Dixie Tolliver had submitted her resignation from AUSU Council earlier that day. It was also noted that (for the second consecutive month) Councillor Andrew Gray would not be attending the meeting. As Council continues to have a high turnover and considering the expense… Read more »

Council Connection – Nov 23rd & Dec 13th Meetings

The December 13th AUSU Council meeting began with the swift approval of an agenda and two sets of meetings minutes. The second set of minutes was from a special meeting of Council held on November 23rd to discuss what was intended to be the final report of the Joint Council-Voice Action Plan Committee. Since I… Read more »

Council Connection – November 8, 2016 Meeting

The November 8th council meeting, which coincided with the night of the American election, lasted just under two hours and focused mostly on resolving issues related to the workload of the AUSU Executive. The meeting was plagued by technical difficulties from the beginning, resulting in some councillors participating solely through the teleconference system’s chat window…. Read more »