Vol. 10 Iss. 44

Volume 10 Issue 44 - 11/13/2002

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation: Manitoba Plans Ahead, University Pays Off, Kyoto Climate Change

Manitoba Plans Ahead The Provincial Government and the Council on Post-Secondary Education (COPSE) recently sponsored an accessibility forum on post-secondary education (see: http://www.gov.mb.ca/chc/press/top/2002/11/2002-11-08-04.html). This forum’s purpose was to bring together educators, students, administrators, and other stakeholders to share ideas and discuss how post-secondary education could be made more accessible to all Manitobans. The provincial Advanced… Read more »

DEAR SANDRA: The Advice Column

Dear Sandra, I feel a little awkward writing to you, but I am hoping that you will be able to help with my problem. For the past few months I have noticed myself becoming more moody, tired, sad, and I have gained 15lbs. Is this my body’s way of saying it does not like the… Read more »

Conference Connections

· CASE District VIII – March 8-11, 2003 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – “Connect in Coeur d’Alene.” Details: http://www.connectincda.com · ICDE World Conference – 21st annual – June 1-5, 2003 – Hong Kong. Deadline for abstract submission is Aug. 1, 2002. Details: http://www.ouhk.edu.hk/HK2003


CLASSIFIED SPACE: Students of AU may print classifieds in The Voice free of charge (maximum three per issue) as long as they are not representing a company or product. Classified ads must follow the direct guidelines and ethics stated in the Voice Policy and should be submitted to the editor at voice@ausu.org with “?CLASSIFIED AD’… Read more »


Athabasca University Governing Council invites nominations for Honourary Degrees to be presented at Convocation ceremonies on June 13 and 14, 2003 in Athabasca, Alberta. Candidates will have distinguished themselves in education, science, the arts, public service, or other areas, and have made significant life-long contributions to endeavours consistent with the mandate and purpose of Athabasca… Read more »

This Christmas, Give A Gift To The Earth: David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge Simplifies Making A Difference.

This November, Canadian environmentalist, author, and television host David Suzuki has challenged Canadians to start taking concrete action against pollution, waste, and environmental damage [see: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/WOL/Challenge/]. The David Suzuki Foundation has named this initiative The Nature Challenge, and a number of prominent Canadians, including Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean, National Ballet of Canada’s… Read more »

AU News From Academic Council

Academic Council passed the following Action Items at its Nov. 6th meeting: · Step II & III approval of a Master of Nursing program (open for applications on April 1, 2003 with courses beginning Sept. 1, 2003) · Regulation changes to the Master of Health Studies program (effective Sept. 1, 2003) · Step II approval… Read more »

AU Learning Services Conference

The Learning Services Conference took place Oct. 25 and 26 in Edmonton. Lori Oddson, director of Collaboration and Learning Services, welcomed participants to the event. Together with Dominique Abrioux, Lori announced the awards to recognize long-time service to AU. Recipients of the 5-year awards were Lois Browne, Linda Kerr, and Rebecca Heartt; 10-year: Jayne Gackenback,… Read more »

The Dubious Privatization of BC Rail: The Liberal Stance

During the run-up to the May 28, 1996 British Columbia general election, the two foremost contender parties”?the incumbent BC New Democratic Party (NDP) and the BC Liberal Party (Liberals)”?took divergent stands on their future plans regarding the province’s publicly-owned railway, BC Rail. “Liberal leader Gordon Campbell placed BC Rail front and centre as an election… Read more »

Some Reasons Why People Are Homeless

In a society as advanced as ours, you wouldn’t expect to see such high numbers of homeless people. Studies show there are common contributing factors explaining why people are homeless, but I believe the real reason why most people are homeless cannot be attributed to these factors. A large number of people are homeless by… Read more »


I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of those conversations that start off with “So, tell me about yourself.” There is something very crippling about that statement, something that stops the tongue and freezes your brain. I think it’s because, though we may be used to categorising things, we are not… Read more »

Husband or Shopping Cart?

When the hubby and I go out shopping on the week-end I often take a couple of handmade bags and leave my utility cart (sometimes known as “the old lady buggy”) in the hall closet. My regular column readers will know that we don’t own a vehicle and we are often out on foot together:well… Read more »

Beyond the Headlines – SPHERE

As many of you may recall, a while back we started a monthly series of bulletins with the intent to highlight the good work of Alberta-based NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) working in international development and in partnership with the global South; Africa, Asia & Latin America. We have featured groups such as HumanServe International, Cause Canada,… Read more »

Advertisement and Anxiety

[Photo Credit: “Follow the Flock” is a spoof ad generated by the Adbusters Creative Resistance campaign – see:http://adbusters.org/creativeresistance/spoofads/fashion/tommy/ ] Every day an overwhelming deluge of advertisements bombards us. We are exposed to them on the sides of buses, on the inside of buses, on benches and bus shelters, in newspapers, in magazines, over the radio,… Read more »

Bowling for Columbine – A Movie Review

I’ve read some intriguing reviews of this award-winning documentary, so when my daughter invited me to join her at the Garneau theatre on Sunday night, I decided to put aside my books and take a night off to attend the movies. I’m so glad I did! Bowling for Columbine is one of the most thoughtful… Read more »

A Movie Review: National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002)

Rated R (coarse language, nudity, drug content) After a stressful week of late night researching for a paper, I decided that what I needed most was just to lie in bed and watch one of those senseless American Pie style comedies that force me to laugh all the seriousness of schoolwork out of my body…. Read more »

Canadian Food Security Policy Group Canada’s position at WTO puts world’s poor farmers and hungry at greater risk…

OTTAWA. Canada risks failing to meet the urgent needs of poor farmers at the WTO agricultural negotiations, according to a coalition of international development and human rights organizations. “The government position as laid out today will disappoint the millions of small farmers in developing countries,” said Stuart Clark, spokesperson for the Canadian Food Security Policy… Read more »


Re: People’s Movement for Human Rights Education (PDHRE) Human Rights are the greatest gift of contemporary thought to humanity. It is not only a vision for a better world, but also a tool for achieving it. Yet somehow, as we enter the new millennium, it is a term that has come to represent in the… Read more »