Music Review – Daydream Cathedral

Duo: Daydream Cathedral
EP: Ancestors

I’ve recently been introduced to a music genre that has quickly moved up my list of favourites. Shoegaze is a music genre that originated in England in the early 1990s. Music that falls under this genre is identified by the songs being composed of a high level of electronic effects and studio experimentation. That being said, Shoegaze is not for everyone. A previous love of electronic music is advised before embarking into the magical world of reverberation and distortion. And it is with this that I introduce you to Daydream Cathedral and their debut EP Ancestors.

Formed by Shawn Michael and Dino Bose, from Hawaii and Los Angeles, respectively, Daydream Cathedral is also included under the modern-psychedelic and dream pop genres. Their debut EP Ancestors was released in early January this year and showcases the best of Shawn’s collection of original songs. Shawn and Dino worked on the EP via the internet, and the tracks were compiled and produced without the two musicians ever being in the same room together. The result is a beautiful arrangement.

Ancestors begins with “Love Refocused.” This track is easily my favourite song on the EP because of the magnificent harmonizing between the male and female vocals and the music. The melodies bring to mind those I have previously heard by Achillea, Amethystium, and Conjure One. But there is a distinctive feeling to Daydream Cathedral’s sound that brings something new to electronic music.

The second track, “Eyelids”, opens with a heavy guitar intro giving it an amazing rock-influence. Combined with the typical elements of Shoegaze, modern-psychedelic, and dream pop, “Eyelids” is absolutely mesmerizing. My favourite part of this song is the blending of vocal tracks while the notes dip into a lower tone. It is this ingredient that propels this song into a psychedelic trance.

The third track, “Into The Mellow”, has a 60s trippy vibe to it. The slow and steady rhythm combined with the easy-going singing is stunning. Images of slowly driving down a dirt country road pop into my mind, and the feeling of peace that one finds there emanates from each note.

“In and Out” has a sense of magic to it. This track exemplifies the ability that some people have to find the music in everyday occurrences. Combining electronic effects and singing with a spoken word track, “In and Out” is interesting and truly something special.

“Pharaoh’s Wheel” is the final track on Ancestors, and it is perhaps the most unusual song on this album. The mashing of this many sounds together typically would only result in noise. Yet, from the chaos, Daydream Cathedral created something oddly appealing and unlike the other tracks, there is a darker aura surrounding these tones. In fact, “Pharaoh’s Wheel” reminds me of something I would expect to hear from Fever Ray. It is with “Pharaoh’s Wheel” that audiences learn exactly what Daydream Cathedral is capable of.

Overall, I really enjoyed Ancestors. It is a fun and brief journey into the unknown and demonstrates what talented musicians can create. I highly recommend listening to Ancestors when you are reading or when you want a quiet moment to yourself.

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