Editorial—Contest Closing

If you’re reading this on Friday, March 19th, there’s still a few hours to get your entry in for the Voice Writing contest.  We’ve got a good number of entries for the fiction category, and a few for the non-fiction category, so the next step is for me to remove all identifying information from the entries and send them off to our judging panels.  Then we wait.  And I’m as anxious about it as you are.

In the meantime, this week’s The Voice Magazine, gives us an interview with student Josh Dela Peña Galarido.  It’s a fun interview and a read that will definitely help you get to know this student who’s working toward his Bachelor of Professional Arts degree.

Also this week is the report on February’s AUSU Council meeting.  It’s taken a while to get this one out as I was waiting on some extra information from AUSU, but it’s here now, and the report for the March Meeting will hopefully be out in the next couple of weeks.  But speaking of that, if you’re a person who’s interested in what’s going on at AUSU Council, can spare a few hours on a Wednesday evening each month, and are able to write a thorough report on what you hear at the meeting, please get in touch with me at voice@voicemagazine.org.  You’ll even get paid for the work.

You’ll also want to take a look at Jessica Young’s review of the movie Music by chart-topping singer-songwriter Sia.  Let’s just say Jessica has some strong feelings about this movie, and they’re not pleasant ones.

Plus, Sunday is World Poetry Day, so in honour of that, we’ve got a poem from Barb Lehtiniemi.   I don’t usually like putting poetry in The Voice Magazine unless it’s got a solid AU hook in it.  This is in part because I know I’m not a great judge of it—I tend to feel limericks are the pinnacle of poetic expression, after all.  However, this particular poem was longlisted as a finalist for the 2020 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest, in New Quarterly Magazine.   That seems like a reasonable certification of quality.  So I hope you enjoy!

We’ve also got a comparison between Japanese and Korean barbeque, and if that’s not enough to make you hungry, Chef Corey comes with a look at an old favorite, s’mores.  Even better, he gives some tips for how to make the perfect marshmallow for them.  In addition to his tips, one that I’ll point out is that, should you happen to set your marshmallow on fire, the recommended course of action is most definitely NOT to start waving the stick back and forth in a panic hoping to put out the fire.  Do that, and what really happens is that you end up firing a fireball of flaming sugary goo across the campfire, usually directly at the person you were most hoping to impress—because Murphy.

Other than that, our normal selection of reviews, events, scholarships, advice  and more!  Enjoy the read!