Grow A Little Better Each Day

You always have room for improvement.  But the best kind happens every single day.  It can help you find a cure, achieve a goal, or solve a problem.  And when you see the benefits materialize, it’s a reason to celebrate.

Students are constantly stretching and growing, but there are additional ways to enhance one’s performance.

Develop better daily habits.  We can’t just wish for better practices; we must act every day.  Exercising daily, even if just walking the hallway for 30 minutes, is a good habit.  Eating super healthy is the basis of another good pattern.  Brushing and flossing daily, cleaning house regularly, and making to-do lists help, too.  To super-charge your to-do list, make a large comprehensive daily plan jammed with routine actions to ensure you are constantly growing.  Then, review your daily activities to see where you could improve and where you shone.

Focus.  Memorization activities can peak your concentration.  So, spend at least fifteen minutes daily memorizing facts to strengthen your focus.  Also, playing chess, even if for just ten minutes a day, enhances your ability to focus.  Exercise and house plants can heighten focus, too.  Eating nuts, blueberries, salmon, 100% dark chocolate, flaxseed, and other brain-healthy foods are all said to enhance focus.  Try just one of these actions to improve yourself today.

Or do what Warren Buffett advises: write down your top 25 career (or educational) goals.  Then, circle your top five goals, and avoid the remaining twenty at all costs.

Perform at peak.  Time and measure your performances.  For instance, if you study for a math exam for four hours a day for nine days straight, record your performance time.  Also, take notes on how focused you were, how many distractions you faced, and other intricacies.  And when your grade comes in, even if it’s a 95%, aim to beat your performance next time.  It’s a constant fine-tuning.  After all, the best person to compete with is yourself.

Strategize.  Research strategies for bettering your performance, whether they be overcoming anxiety, learning study habits, adopting marriage-building behaviors, or whatever you desire.

Visualize success.  Write your top five goals on index cards and review them every day.  Then, visualize yourself accomplishing those goals.  As your daily visualization becomes more sophisticated, write down sensory experiences from your visualization on the back of each cue card.  Finally, ask yourself what it is about the goals (and subsequent visualizations) that genuinely make you tick?  For instance, is creativity or entrepreneurial excellence inspiring you to strive for those goals?

Learn.  Read daily, whether it be fiction, nonfiction, or spirituality.  Each book has its own merits: increased creativity, skills development, and self-development, to name a few.  Watch a course.  Go to a seminar.  Hire a coach from  But remember Warren Buffett’s top-five-priorities rule and try to choose learning materials that advance your five ultimate goals.

Be empathic.  Strive to be generous whenever you have the means to do so.  Show compassion and mercy to people, whether you are a debt collector, prison guard, or chocolate-shop cashier.  And always, always forgive.  Even better, feel love for everyone—friends and enemies alike.  That way, your world is alight with an abundance of friendships.

Getting better each day is fun, challenging, and exciting.  So, pick just one action today to become an even more magnificent you!

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