Daily Learning Helps You Achieve It All

No matter how good you are at your craft, never stop learning it.  That was advice I heard today from Wayne Gretzky’s Masterclass about hockey.

It’s vital to learn something new every day.  So read, take a course, study, listen to a podcast, and explore a hobby—but do it daily if you want to flourish.  And if your goal is to develop expertise, squeeze in learning time at every opportunity.

You, as a student, are likely learning daily.  But when your education ends, you must continue your daily learning for the rest of your life.  That’s because the goal is to get better every day—and not worse.  It’s like getting fitter versus getting fatter.  It’s also like brushing your teeth daily versus not brushing at all—except daily learning brings more upside.  With the following tips, you can keep it going.

Love what you learn.  If you love what you study, life takes on an exciting twist.  But perhaps your education is a little dry with all its theory? If so, add some practical training, through books or online training, to infuse that theory with helpful fun.

If you love what you learn, chances are you’ve found something you can readily master.

Idle time?  Switch to learning time.  Don’t nap, sift through social media, search Google mindlessly, watch Netflix, or visit pubs.  If you do these things, tell yourself straight away, “Stop!” and use that time for productive learning.  Of course, Netflix in the background makes for a fun learning companion.

Carve out routines that incorporate learning time.  If you make a routine out of learning, you will benefit greatly.  For example, I often watch Udemy courses while I do my nightly walk before exercising.  I watch courses while I eat my lunch.  I also allow time for lessons after work each day.  In the past, I read the entire Bible cover to cover by making a routine of reading two pages every night before bed, without fail.  Carving out time to learn is critical.

Some of your best mentors are a click away.  A book on Amazon is an instant mentor.  A coach on Fiverr, a course from Udemy or LinkedIn, or even your professors and tutors are instant mentors.  However, you may need financial resources to access the highest quality mentors.  Daily learning can set you up for a high-paying career, and that money can help you access top-notch coaches.

Find a career that brims with learning opportunities.  For instance, a small business allows you to wear many hats, as do your entrepreneurial ambitions.  A job with many varied duties may also offer learning opportunities.  Of course, careers with lots of options for promotions do as well.  But the best job of all, in my view, is one that allows you to learn skills for a task you always wanted to master.

Apply what you learn.  Once you know something, it’s best to put that knowledge to use.  You can either share that knowledge with someone else or apply it within your career or personal life.  Knowledge is meant to be shared and acted on.

You’re meant to thrive, realize your dreams, develop skills, be a role model, and flourish.  Daily learning is key to accomplishing it all.  So, ditch that leisurely coffee.  Instead, start your day with new knowledge.


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