How to Burst with Energy

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If you’re like me, you want high performance.  So, you might be pushing yourself to work harder each day.  In addition, you might be verbalizing your plans of action before tackling each task.  However, like, you might also be crashing throughout your day.

So, I’ve come up with a game for us high-performance machines.  Namely, read the following list of energy boosters and note the ones you do or want to do.

Avoid caffeine.  If you don’t fall asleep immediately at night or suffer from anxiety, consider cutting out all caffeine.  Doing so will prevent midday crashes.

I recently drank Matcha tea three days in a row and experienced trouble falling asleep.  As a result, I feel more tired during the day.

Get exercise.  Exercise nightly before 6 pm but take a rest day at least once a week.  Even if walking the hallway, just a half-hour every day builds stamina.  But be sure to do some weight training to boost energy.

I used to get so much exercise that I slept all day.  If I walked anywhere, it would be at a sluggish pace.  People called me lazy.  So, I stopped exercising when I started my new career, but that backfired, too.  Tiredness hit me so hard that I slept almost two hours some days during lunch.  So, I was forced to exercise at a lighter pace, and I love how it has supercharged my energy.  Just five-minute stints, here and there, throughout the workday can seriously boost energy.

Stay hydrated.  Coffee and tea are diuretics, so they dehydrate you.  But water hydrates you.  Like plants, the human body loves water.  So, try ice-cold water for a boost in alertness.

Deep breathe.  Try the Wim Hof method of meditation to supercharge your energy.  It feeds your cells oxygen.

Three times during my workday, I plan on doing five-minute stints of deep breathing exercises followed by five-minute bursts of activity.

Eat low glycemic foods.  Low glycemic foods are the go-to diet for many people with diabetes.  They release sugars more slowly, so your body doesn’t receive a harsh spike in insulin.  Low glycemic foods can also keep your energy high.

I eat a lot of frozen pineapple, which is high on the glycemic index, meaning I should cut back.  Pineapple is healthy but way too sugary.  So, I’ll eat more mixed berries and oatmeal instead.

Try ice-cold showers.  Suppose you’ve ever experienced chronic fatigue, as I have.  In that case, you may know how glorious ice-cold showers are for increasing energy.  Hot showers take away energy; ice-cold showers boost energy, perhaps even more than a workout.

Maximize posture and focus.  Sit straight like you’re about to fly a rocket in outer space and repair a space station for your first time.  Treat your studies like that.  Then, talk aloud about each task as if you’re reporting to the space crew.  This way, you’ll skyrocket your focus.  That psychology keeps me awake at work.  After all, we perform on exams only as well as in our studies.

Clean.  Once it’s lunchtime, I quickly eat a banana and yogurt or a bowl of mixed beans.  Then I force myself to clean for half an hour immediately.  I schedule cleaning tasks three times daily.  It feels incredible to get so much done.  Cleaning bolsters energy.

Get sunshine or turn on the lights.  Sunshine emits vitamin D, which is essential for health.  In addition, a bright room can give you a burst of energy.

I take vitamin D tablets and spend a few minutes in the sun daily.  However, I also work in a dark room to conserve electrical energy.  The darkness takes a toll on my vitality.

Sing.  I’ve tried this, and it works beautifully! Just sing your tasks if you want to stay focused.  Belting out a tune wakes you up instantly.  Better still, energetically whisper-sing positive lyrics, such as “It’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day.” Or whisper-sing, “I’m going to perform like a top gun!” Sing it with a big smile on your face for maximum results.

Listen to fast music.  Fast music makes you more alert.  Try Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s extended version of Pleasuredome for a quick energy blast.  It works for me.

Eat eight servings of veggies a day.  Veggies give energy, so make your diet veggie rich.  I used to eat massive amounts of veggies a day, but now I eat only two veggies and an enormous number of fruits daily.  I plan on adding beets, Brussel sprouts, kale, sweet peppers, celery, sour cabbage, and cucumbers to get the full veggie benefit.

Do affirmations for high energy.  Do as I do and wake up every morning saying out loud, “It’s going to be a great day today!” Also, say aloud, “I’m going to break records in my studies today!” Say words that get you pumped for a high-energy performance.

Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.  A routine sleep schedule can genuinely boost your energy.  For example, I feel healthier and more energetic by following a consistent sleep schedule where I get 8.5 hours each night.

Here’s how to play the game: try out just three of these energy boosters! The reward?  Maybe straight A’s, a huge promotion, or star status—whatever you desire! You’ll now have the energy to achieve it all!

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