What Are Your Missions in Life?

We all have life missions.  I believe they’re preordained.  And the people, circumstances, locations, opportunities, and hardships are all parts that our free will must successfully play out to fulfill those missions.  It’s the true game of life: did we win by realizing as many life missions as we set out to accomplish when we entered this life? No matter our life’s state, we can win big in achieving our life’s missions.

One of my life missions is to do all I can to ensure Mom doesn’t leave this world hating me.  It’s not just for my sake, but hers too, as leaving this world with hatred for another soul may not result in the optimal afterlife.  And I’d be partly responsible, as I’m an object of that anger.  I can’t control her responses, but I must try to find a way to bring her back to love and stay in that state.  I’m sure our shared life lesson is meant to be ancestral forgiveness.

Another of my life’s missions is to bring the teachings of a spiritual course into the school systems.  (The course got me to a higher state of consciousness.) I need to do this for future generations and myself, should reincarnation exist, and I return to this world.  This world without those teachings would have been too hard and lonely for me to endure.

Yet another is to love all others unconditionally, especially those closest to me.  That means I must let go of all ego, selflessly serve all others, and prioritize their needs over mine.  It also means I never blame or feel slighted but instead seek to see the situation from the other person’s view.  And it also means I must always strive to stay happy, no matter the external circumstances.

Beyond that, I feel I have a mission to learn new things daily and advocate for lifelong learning.  Learning can be super fun when we know our educational “calling.” When learning is a pure joy rather than a rut, we know we are on target for our ultimate life path, despite the stressors from exams and assignments.  However, those stressors and subsequent growth are like drumbeats driving us forward to realizing our ultimate purpose.

A final life mission is to accumulate wealth and gain success.  It amounts to a goal for success with wealth as a measure.  But these material goals only mean something if intended to serve other beings.

But there are missions we may not be aware of, such as ones that may arise in the future or one’s that currently exist that we can’t yet see.  According to some reports from near-death experiencers, they’ve all been preordained, and we are part of setting that preordained direction.  The wise use of our free will will take us to success.

I’m sure we all have life missions, whether we know it or not, and I guarantee that love and learning are tied into them.  Love and learning are the ultimate end goals.  And we will leave this world with a scorecard that tallies which life missions we have passed and which we didn’t.  And everyone in our lives is linked to our life missions.  No one in our lives is not part of our life missions.  And the grading rubric for it all, for even the tragedies and triumphs, is, did we end up in a greater state of love?

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