ChatGPT Skyrockets New Year’s Resolutions

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I have a growing New Year’s Resolutions list, and ChatGPT is already making some of the resolutions come true.  It can do the same for all of us.  Four items that are prominent in my New Year’s Resolution checklist, which some of us might like to pursue, include the following:

  • Start a side business on Amazon.
  • Lose three pounds that I gained after three weeks fighting off a cold.
  • Write three short books.
  • Create video lectures on how to work software to repurpose into a course for sale later.

I also have work goals, which include earning a $10,000 bonus.

ChatGPT can accelerate the achievement of all these ambitions.  Here’s how:

First, ChatGPT told me to open a business account as a sole proprietor, anticipating less than $30,000 in revenue in the year, using my name as the business name.  Therefore, my total operating expenses are $6 a month.  I have a print-on-demand idea and am starting with an Independent Amazon Seller account.  (However, to be competitive in the marketplace, where the costs are cut almost in half, we’d need to have a Fulfilled by Amazon account and to purchase in bulk from the print-on-demand service).  ChatGPT also taught me how to design a brand color and font palette, which I created in Canva.  ChatGPT further advised that I could register a new business name once sales exceed $30,000.  And just yesterday, I met with a banker to set up the business account.

Second, to lose weight, ChatGPT helped me strategize my New Year’s Resolution to lose three pounds, which I’ve almost accomplished since implementing this strategy a week ago.  I told ChatGPT all the foods I like to eat in a day.  I then asked ChatGPT to alter my current diet to give me around 1500 calories daily, optimizing the most nutritious and balanced recommended daily amount.  Then, I asked ChatGPT to take that list and spread it out into seven meals daily, as I prevent chronic fatigue symptoms by eating frequently throughout the day.  Out of curiosity, I asked what exercise I could start with if I was extremely sick with chronic fatigue but wanted to become a varsity-level athlete in two years.  And it gave me a great starting routine, although I no longer experience chronic fatigue due to a healthy diet and fitness regime.  I love how ChatGPT views potential as unlimited and nothing as impossible.

Third, to write four books in a year, I told ChatGPT a topic I wanted to write, plus headings and ideas I wanted to include.  Then, I asked ChatGPT to structure it with headings containing bullet points and subheadings.  The outline had to include everything on my wishlist.  I went through a few revisions with ChatGPT until we developed an effective outline.  I requested ChatGPT provide eighty topics so that I could write 80 pages.  Now, I dedicate a half hour each night to writing a page, and the topic is already there, so I don’t have to think about where to start.  I just write.  If I want to get ideas for three more books, I list my interests and experiences that may apply, and ChatGPT will provide relevant topic ideas.

Fourth, ChatGPT helps me design courses so I can teach how to use various software programs.  So, I’m about to make a video lesson for my professor on a software program that will help her create her courses faster.  I’ll also ask ChatGPT for an outline covering critical topics on the software.  Then, each Sunday, I will make a video tutorial on the day’s topic to upload to my new YouTube channel, which I branded with the help of ChatGPT.  And once I complete the course content, I can sell the course on Udemy.

If we have many New Year’s resolutions, I urge all of us to get ChatGPT to make those dreams a reality.  We deserve to achieve all our New Year’s goals, as the process–the doing–is the best part of the thrill! And ChatGPT will accelerate the process to the speed of lightning.