Minds We Meet—Ramanpreet Narang

The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with Ramanpreet Narang (she/her), a new AU student, who is also known as Princy.  This Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting major currently lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, “’The Epicentre’ or ‘The Heart of Maritimes’”.

She acknowledged “that the city of Moncton is situated on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) people.”  She continued, “I recognize the enduring presence of these Indigenous nations and their deep connection to this land.  I honor the stewardship, wisdom, and cultural heritage of the Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik peoples.”

Ramanpreet also let us know that she was “born and raised in a vibrant city in India, which is also known as ‘Manchester of the East’.  India is a land of contrasts and colours which more means a vastness, diversity, and a rich cultural heritage.”  She continued, “I embarked on a life-changing journey at the tender age of 18 when I migrated to Canada, leaving behind familiarity, and embracing the unknown.  I ventured into a new chapter filled with dreams, aspirations, and endless possibilities.”

After graduating from the Business Administration program with a major in Accounting at New Brunswick Community College, she secured an internship at a well-known public accounting firm MNP LLP and then began a “full-time position as an Accounting Technician.”  She mentioned that she is grateful to her past tutors “for having faith” in her, as well as for “imparting knowledge which truly made a profound impact on my career.”  In addition, she is also thankful to those “at MNP for believing in my abilities and offering me a full-time position.”

Most recently, Ramanpreet received 60 transfer credits for the Bachelor of Commerce at AU with a major in Accounting,  and she is starting her journey as a third-year student this month.  She stated, “My only career aspiration is being a CPA.  It opens a wide range of opportunities in accounting, finance, and many more fields.”

This busy student had some great study tips for fellow AU learners.  “I think we are the best motivator for ourselves.  I always set and assign myself tasks to do a day before and wake up with my alarm, which always reminds me ‘I have only two choices, either to sleep with my dreams or wake up and achieve them.’”  She continued, “Regarding study tips, I have created my own schedule including all my three courses.  I have tried to divide my time equally within all the courses, and if I get some extra time, I plan to improve my academic writing through some great resources available on MNPU.  Remember, we need to be in touch with the course material on a regular basis.  Once we have a gap, it will eventually break the flow of our learning.”

She also had some advice for new students and/or prospective students.  “I am just starting my course in April 2024, but I would just say ‘Once if you have decided your goals, please never look back, choose your program/courses by doing good research so that you are taking a right step for yourself.’”

When she is not studying, Ramanpreet enjoys exercising, walking, and video calling her family.  In particular, she credits her father with having the greatest influence on her desire to learn.  “He has been a supporting pillar in my life even being miles apart.  He has always given his best to help me achieve my dreams and fulfill all my desires, which I now feel is my responsibility to make him proudest.  His guidance, wisdom, and unwavering support provides me with strength during challenging times.”

We also asked her what her experience with online learning so far.  She stated, “I find it’s a lot more beneficial for students who want to work full-time and still accomplish their academic goals.  In this digital era, online learning has gained even more importance as it allows a self-paced learning environment.  I enjoy digital textbooks, which are even more handy when I want to relax in a couch with my favorite coffee and reading a chapter on my iPad.

Although Ramanpreet has not “had any direct communications so far” with her tutors, she has attended the orientation, noting “it looks like they are responsive and helpful throughout.”

If she were the new president of AU, her first project would be to “work more toward helping students to make study groups and connect with each other.”  In addition, she would also “[e]ncourage students to interact more and make this online learning an effective method of academic excellence.”

The Voice Magazine asked her which famous person, past or present, she would like to have lunch with, and why, and she chose Sandeep Maheshwari, “a famous Indian motivational speaker and influencer known for his inspirational talks and seminars.”  She mentioned, “I really like one of his famous quotes, ‘Success comes from experiences and experiences come from bad experience.’”

As a final thought, Ramanpreet described her most valuable lesson learned in life.  “The most valuable lesson learned in my life is ‘Gratitude’.  Practicing gratitude transforms your life in such a way that it gives abundance, joy, and contentment.  It shifts our focus from what we lack to what we have, fostering a mindset of appreciation for the present moment and all the blessings it holds.”

And her proudest moment?  “I would say when I got to see my permanent resident card for Canada.  Canada is a land of diversity; it has given me a lot of opportunities and given me a safer environment to grow.  I never planned to stay here; but eventually it helped me to grow and prosper into my career.”  Best of luck, Ramanpreet!

At times, in an online learning environment, it can feel like you are all alone, but across the nation and around the globe, students just like you are also pursuing their Athabasca University (AU) studies!  Each week, The Voice Magazine will be bringing you some of these stories.  If you would like to be featured next, do not hesitate to get in touch!