Research Assistant Opportunity!

Freudian Transference Returns in Drag?

This research seeks to explicate the interactive therapy region of reality as it relates to our friends in the transgender community.  As allies, it behooves us to understand “the ways in which a clinician’s unconscious prejudice can be felt, and potentially acted out, within various medical settings.” For instance, if therapists unwittingly project their biases about gender nonconforming people; a therapist may mistakenly feel a drive to save the client from a failure to “grow up”; that is, to resolve am Oedipal or Elektra complex that most of us overcome and take with us as an unconscious mark of our maturation.  This growing up can be seen to include adopting a normal posture in terms of one’s gender performance.  Yet, presumably, for transgender people this framework may not apply—or be far more complex.  This research also seeks to uncover new facts about the ubiquitous agency-depriving reality of the Covid pandemic.  But hey, you don’t have to take my cursory glance at all this: please email you resume, cover letter, and transcript to Dr.  Wiggins at