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From My Perspective – Understanding Suicide, Part One

I would like to start the new year off by taking a serious look at a very serious and difficult subject – suicide. I recently attended a wonderful workshop on suicide intervention, one that made me realize how profound the problem is. At the same time, there is hope – through education and removal of… Read more »

From My Perspective – A new grading system

AU is going to a new Alpha/4.0 grading scale for undergraduate studies, effective January 1, 2003. This is an important change; part of a province-wide project that will see all four of our universities moving to a common scale. What does this mean for students? Currently AU students are marked on a percent grade scale… Read more »

From My Perspective – Reading books

The other day I was having an email discussion with several other Voice writers when one of them brought up the topic of book reviews, stating that a particular book was one you would “not want to put down.” I responded with a semi-serious question, “you have time to read books???” His answer provided a… Read more »

From My Perspective – The 2nd Annual Peer Support Conference, Part One

Last week I attended the 2nd Annual Peer Support Conference, hosted by the University of Alberta Students’ Union and the Grant McEwan Community College Students’ Union. Peer support groups from universities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia were in attendance. These groups provide campus peer counselling on topics ranging from course & career counselling;… Read more »

From My Perspective – Too much time on my hands?

Last week’s article detailed several days of neighbourhood surveillance activities I engaged in. I received some interesting feedback, suggesting that perhaps I have too much time on my hands. I decided that this week I should explain how I spent the seven days subsequent to writing that article – just in case anyone decided that… Read more »

Tuition Forum Update

(photo credit: Shirley Barg at CAUS forum provided by Debbie Jabbour) On November 14 CAUS held the first of a series of tuition forums at the U of A campus. Speakers were Raj Pannu (NDP), Ken Nicol (Liberal), Fran Trehearne (U of A), Mike Hudema (President U of A SU), Shirley Barg (Vice-president AUSU), and… Read more »

Bowling for Columbine – A Movie Review

I’ve read some intriguing reviews of this award-winning documentary, so when my daughter invited me to join her at the Garneau theatre on Sunday night, I decided to put aside my books and take a night off to attend the movies. I’m so glad I did! Bowling for Columbine is one of the most thoughtful… Read more »