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Xine Wang

Xine Wang hails from Edmonton, Alberta. But before settling in, she lived in Shanghai for the first 7 years of her life. That’s where she grew up and got her taste of the vibrant food culture. Since moving to Edmonton, she has fallen in love with international cuisine. If there’s a new restaurant in town, she would be the first to line up outside the door. At home, you can find her experimenting with recipes around the world. She hopes to share these experiences with all who care to listen.

In her spare time, Xin cares for 6 rescue budgies. Many of which she found stranded in parks or her backyard. On weekends, she drives out to Banff or Jasper where she can be found hiking new trails. She’s thankful Athabasca University has allowed her to work full-time as a researcher while taking courses that interest her such as abnormal psychology.

Five Eggcellent ways to cook eggs

For an essential and versatile ingredient found in nearly every meal you’d think we have better ways of cooking the yolky contents.  But when it comes to eggs, we resort to the mundane poached, scrambled, or pan-fried varieties.  Occasionally we might treat ourselves to an eggs benedict, but few of us have experimented with making… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Gourmet Student Meals

Last month, I wrote an article describing five different instant noodle brands.  You might be thinking, “I can do better than instant noodles” and you absolutely can.  So this week we bring you the best of traditional starving-student meals with a twist.  For AU students juggling between full-time work, family, and postsecondary, it’s a wonder… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student-Cooking to Impress 101

Have you had your eyes set on a potential partner for the longest time yet they’re unresponsive to your cues? Or maybe you’re in a relationship but you’re wondering what to do to show your affection.  Since the dawn of civilization, cooking and dining has been a way for us to show appreciation—to celebrate and… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student – Spooky Cocktails

Halloween simply isn’t complete without its share of themed food and drink items. But if you’re a busy AU student, the time-consuming preparation that goes into making delicious and artistic Halloween food cameos almost feels like a trick rather than a treat. To help you cater to your spooktacular house guests, or perhaps stimulate your… Read more »

DIY Hot Pot

A few years ago, when the first French fondue restaurant opened in Edmonton, I recall the amount of hype it received in the community.  Everyone around me was bringing their spouse, children, friends, and relatives to gather around a pot dipping their various entrees into liquified cheese.  The sight reminded me of my days in… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student – Instant Noodle 101

If I had to name one fast food that unites all students worldwide, instant noodles would be my pick. While the column is named “the not-so-starving student”, realistically, there will be a time and place for instant noodles; especially before a fixed deadline or when you’re in dire need of grocery shopping. We will be… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student – Buffet Tips

Despite carefully controlling portion sizes, sometimes the option of buffet is too tempting to pass up. Having recently booked my trip to Las Vegas this Fall, I’m sure to visit a handful of top-notch buffets on the Vegas strip. Regardless of which buffet you’re feasting at, there’s some fundamentals to the art of buffeting. You… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student – Cooking Independently 101

Recently I moved from living in the comforts of my parents’ home to a new home closer to school, work, and downtown Edmonton. The first week navigating the freedom of cooking my own meals has been a rocky start. Not knowing where to begin, I scrambled to purchase ingredients, eliminate ingredients (from the mold!) and… Read more »