Letter To The Editor Re: “Ban The Trans”

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Re: “Ban the Trans: These Sorry Lipids Should Go Away” by Rob Fursiewicz, v15 i03 (2007-01-19)

In his article, Rob Fursiewicz calls the trans fat regulation critics? Big Brother slippery-slope argument ?fallacious.? What part of the argument is fallacious? Although I tend to agree with Mr. Fursiewicz’s point of view on this issue, I fail to see how the slippery-slope argument is fallacious i.e. contains logical missteps. Perhaps Mr. Fursiewicz is using a new, improved, Canadian definition of fallacy of which we boorish Yanks are unaware? I’d appreciate any response.

Chris Nuckols
New York, NY

We could all use a reminder to ensure that we are using language precisely and thoughtfully. An argument could be made for a fallacy in this case, but the statement was not fully supported. I appreciate that readers are taking the time to read critically and share their comments with us.

Tamra Ross, Editor In Chief

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