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Re: ?From Where I Sit : Radio Days and Nights? by Hazel Anaka, v18 i41 (2010-10-15)

As I was reading Hazel’s last column, I recalled an incident that shows
the degree to which I have become addicted to the CBC, almost from
childhood to the present (77 and counting).

While on a ski- touring trip in the early eighties, a friend, trying to
put on his ski-boots in the cramped cab of my truck, accidentally
knocked off the the tuning knob on my non-push-button radio. When I was
selling the truck, seven years later, I had to explain to the buyer that
the radio was tuned to the CBC, couldn’t be changed, and I had never
felt the need to fix it!

I think the CBC is one of the best values that Canadians are getting for
their tax dollar, and I hope that the current government doesn’t
succeed in their current efforts to destroy the corporation.


Ron Tebo

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