Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

Working on The Voice‘s Best of 2023 issue got us wondering about previous “Best of” issues.  We took a stroll through the archives to find these articles, which were featured in the Best of 2013 and the Best of 2003, respectively.

Here come the etexts!  Christina M Frey looks at AU’s plan to convert text books for most courses from paper to etext.  “It’s ironic that AU, long known for accommodating students requiring ultimate flexibility, is implementing a program that in practice is quite inflexible.”  A Book in the Hand: E-Text Initiative, January 3, 2014.  See more of the Best of 2013 here:

Who needs this stuff?  Bill Pollett outlines his plans for after he completes his degree.  “Far from resting on my laurels, though, I will enjoy only the briefest of celebratory dinners (I’m thinking instant noodles and Pabst Blue Ribbon) before swiftly enacting Phase Two of my life plan. This stage will involve the gradual and systematic unlearning of all the academic twaddle that I have previously absorbed.”  Unlearning, December 31, 2003.  See more of the Best of 2003 here: