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I’m Marie Well, as in healthy well. At least, that’s my aim—to get well and make you well. We all have woes, from breakups to cancer to hoarder houses. I’m here to fix those woes—with tips mixed with my own tales.

Why read me? I’ve got a track record of fixin’ stuff. I’ve cured myself of anxiety. For a decade, I had anxiety attacks that struck almost daily. When not stricken, I’d write Voice articles, mostly on how to combat stress.

And then my world changed. One week went by with no attacks. A month. A year. Two years. And counting.

Now, I want to skyrocket our health—and bolster our creativity. After all, nothing soothes better than strokes of paint or tones of music or reps in a gym.

So, let’s get fit, creative, and well with Marie Well.

The Fit Student – Summers in the Sun

I taught English to Japanese.  The Japanese claim the longest lifespans—and best diets.  They eat Miso soup, made of fermented beans, that is brimming with probiotics.  The Japanese hardly blimp out either—a single plate of Canadian grub feeds a Japanese family-of-four. But McDonalds sprouted in Japan, luring Japanese youth to fatty diets.  Sushi and plants… Read more »

The Fit Student – A Well-Dressed Asparagus

I loathe shopping. I make celebrity dresses look like Rhino underpants. But guess what? I still look better in a t-shirt than Lady Gaga in her on-stage Victoria-Secret John-Lennon look—yes, John Lennon in a negligée. Recently, I ducked into a high-end store to scout business attire. A purple dress caught my eye, although I haven’t… Read more »

The Creative Spark – Fooled by Art

Did your creativity ever get stuck? Mine did for decades. Yet, during junior high, I thrived on creativity. My rundown school held a class-act art program. So, I crafted life-sized Sesame Street puppets, dyed Garfield pillows, and baked clay Barbie’s. I made a solar system with planets and moons crafted from Styrofoam strung together in… Read more »

The Fit Student – A Case for Cherry Picking

As an undergrad, I wrote a semester-long paper. In that paper, I cited many graduate-level books. I put citations on cue cards, heaped inside a box. When my professor saw my cue cards, she grinned, pleased, and said, “You cherry pick.” Cherries taste sweet, so I smiled back. But she sugar-coated her rotten cherries. She… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Know Thy Foe

I dread analyzing classics. Where do I begin? One of our own Voice writers gave clues: notice the writing tricks that tickle you and the transitions that flow. So, I had a starting point. Yet I stubbornly wanted to study the classics from the scriptwriting point-of-view: scenes, characters, and, if not starring Adam Sandler, themes…. Read more »

The Fit Student – Sweet Talk

Are you a Canadian slapped with joblessness? A hundred interviews, but not one job? Employers ooh and ah my resume. They rope me into interviews, lining up on my answering machine. When they hear my voice, they beg me for in-person interviews. But once they see me, I get the Dear John. So, I floundered… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Itty-Bitty Lightbulbs

Does wisdom expire? Well, some words of wisdom go cliché—like worn-out metaphors. For instance, I sigh when I read how leaders should act as servants. I nod-off when I read the 80-20 rule. There’s nothing new in either. But some wisdom we can’t escape. Consider the guilt felt when we fall behind in courses. Or… Read more »

The Fit Student – A Healthy Splash

Look thirty in your fifties! Not like the fifty-year old grandpa with fit abs. I bet he drinks cola. Instead, look like a real thirty-year old. Truly. How? Well, you decay after age twenty, says Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge in their book Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Farewell to Deathbed Woes

You’ve heard the deathbed woe: “I wish I had…” So, chase dreams daily—take risks. Risks give rise to successes. Forget about the failures for now. We’ll celebrate them later. But first, the naysayers. Some people view us as weak-kneed fools. Brother warns us, “Lose the lofty goals.” Charities la-dee-da our desire to televise talent shows…. Read more »

The Fit Student – Right Attitude

Do you want to thrive socially? At your workplace? At school? Well, you need the right attitude. And the right attitude changes, depending on who runs the show. I once interviewed at a funeral home. The staff beamed with smiles. The friendly HR fellow said, “When you cross paths with colleagues, you must chat.” I… Read more »