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Different, But Equal

Driving home from work the other day, I couldn’t help but be caught up in a radio caller’s indignant rant against the idea of an alternative high school diploma. If students go out into the world armed with a trades-oriented certificate, the caller argued, employers will consider it as a “lite” diploma, a poor cousin… Read more »

Why You Can Be Thankful For Student Debt

One or our newest contributors, Sandra has already submitted a number of insightful and well researched articles on topics ranging from the independent media to aging gracefully. This article, published on October 7, 2005, provides food for thought for all Canadian students who complain about tuition rates. While the need for an affordable education system… Read more »

The Grey Zone

We are unwilling allies, the smiling woman and I. At our bi-monthly meetings, she never fails to beam happily at me, a fit, healthy and apparently wealthy icon of youth and beauty. She is number 837, Natural Golden Brown, and with each appointment that I keep, I become ever more determined to cut her out… Read more »

There is No Joy in Mouseville

Poor Mickey. You’ve got to feel sorry for the guy, even a little. I know, I know. He’s rich, he’s famous, and, like certain supermodels, is recognized worldwide by his first name alone. But even a mouse has an ego, and last week’s UNESCO decision must surely have been a blow to his. On October… Read more »

Yes, I Do Know. Now Please Stop Asking!

There’s a new game in town. The rules are simple, it doesn’t cost a cent, and you can play it anywhere. The only equipment you need is a good sense of curiosity and a certain tolerance for compulsive behaviour. Because believe me, once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop. To begin, turn… Read more »

Why You Can Be Thankful For Student Debt

Put down your textbook, set aside that thesis, and hold on tight, because we’re going to turn your world upside down (Just for a few minutes, I promise). Using round numbers only, take a quick guess at how much you’ve spent on tuition in the past two years. Got a number? Good, because now comes… Read more »


He has only been gone for two days but already I call him Katimerik. His journey holds the promise of new places, new friends and countless surprises. For me, the first one came before we had even put him on the plane. My son’s nickname comes from Canada’s Katimavik program and he is one of… Read more »

Independent Media: Fact or Fiction?

Imagine you’ve won the lottery. You’re looking for a good place to invest your million dollars but, unfortunately, your search isn’t going well. Not a single broker you’ve talked with has given you all the facts, and some have outright lied. Most of them even work for the same company, a situation that’s hardly conducive… Read more »