Homemade is Better—Seared Salmon in Naan Sandwiches

This year for Valentine’s day, why not try something different?  I recreated this recipe from an old Moxie’s dish that I enjoyed when I worked there.  It was before starting culinary school, and it was a great job.  The kitchen manager made the environment fun even during stressful times.  When you work in restaurants, you learn which squad you’re on; the best cooks are the ones that work the busiest times.  The assistant kitchen manager teased me about getting my journeyman certificate and red seal; he told us that he’d never do it.  Fast forward many years after I finished my diploma and worked in the industry for a while.  I was working in food sales and met him again–his mother was the manager at the previous company I worked at.  She told me that he had finally gotten his red seal after all.  I had to laugh!  So, when I met him again, I made sure to bring it up to see him eat his words a little bit.  He was working for a competitor company, so it was fun to tease him the same way he teased me.  It was all in fun, though.

One of my favourite dishes was a fillet of salmon in naan bread served as a sandwich.  I liked it so much that I made my own version of it.  This recipe is a homage to that dish and the people I worked with.  If I remember the dish correctly, it used a garlic aioli and grill onions, which I changed out and used curry mayo instead.  The other thing I did differently was using my sous vide to cook the salmon. I undercooked it, and then I seared it when I was ready to serve it.

Usually, I’d like to make my own naan, but this time I opted to buy store-bought, and I warmed it up on my griddle.  I buttered it and grilled it, and covered it in a towel in the microwave to keep it warm and soft.  Next, I heated a teaspoon of oil and added an equal amount of curry powder.  I heated the oil to bring out the curry powder’s flavour before adding it to the mayonnaise.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Seared Salmon on Naan


4-6 salmon fillets
4-6 naan
2 Roma tomatoes
4-8 ribs of Romaine lettuce
¼ cup mayo
1 tsp curry powder
2 tsp canola oil
Kosher Salt

  • Heat a small non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat.
  • Add the canola oil and let it heat up for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the curry powder and mix them off the heat.
  • Once the curry powder has cooled slightly, add it to the mayo and mix it.
  • Heat another larger frying pan or griddle over high heat.
  • Add another tsp of oil and let it warm up.
  • Season the salmon fillets with salt and pepper.
  • Sear them in the pan cook until they are cooked to 140F.
  • Cover the salmon with tin foil and let it rest.
  • Next, butter one side of your Naan and cook each side until it browns slightly, then butter the uncooked side and flip.
  • Please remove them and wrap them in a dishtowel. Flip the stack after every addition.
  • Slice the tomatoes, and separate the lettuce.
  • Clean the lettuce and remove the bottom ¼ to 1/3rd of the leaf.
  • Take a piece of naan, spread some curry mayo on it, add the fillet of salmon, and top with two slices of tomato and some lettuce. Fold the sandwich and Bon appetite!