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Making it Work

Falling in love is as easy as tumbling through an unmarked manhole cover, but living together is hard. As everybody who has ever had one knows, making a long term cohabitational relationship work is a pretty tricky business. Now that I’m mid-way through my fourth marriage, I feel that I’m entitled to pass on some… Read more »

Feel the Fear

Since the events of 9/11, we in the Western World have finally gotten ourselves in tune with the most basic and vital of human instincts: fear. From the beginning of time, as we cocooned ourselves in our cave dwellings (early precursor of the gated community), and trembled at the prospect of roving sabre toothed tigers,… Read more »

Guilty Pleasure

Okay, I confess that I’m a Scooby Doo fan. I have, in fact, seen pretty well every episode of the animated children’s series ever made, from Scooby Doo and the Haunted House to Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster. I am anxiously awaiting Scooby Doo and the Headless Dental Hygienist, and was shocked and… Read more »

Notes From A Boomer’s Diary – Part One: Power Yoga

It was when my fingers were wrapped around the throat of the doofus with the Phish t-shirt, anti-WTO bumper sticker and scraggly goatee that I first began to understand the true nature of the dharma. It’s odd, the layers of significance that are contained in an action. There I was, my hands choking the life… Read more »

My Life as a Rock Star

When I was in grade twelve I answered an advertisement thumb-tacked to the school bulletin board and for a few months I was the drummer for Velvet Jones, a rock band named after a Saturday Night Live character and dedicated to exploring the musical middle ground between Tom Jones and The Velvet Underground. The audition… Read more »

Celebrating Father’s Day

According to surprising findings coming out of the University of North Dakota, fathers now represent something like fifty percent of all parents (note to self: verify facts before submitting). With this in mind, I humbly suggest that this Father’s Day, June 20th, should be celebrated by paying tribute to dear old Dad with something more… Read more »